S.T. & S.C. Department
Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik
Educational Development
Education development for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes
The percentage of literacy among the STs and SCs is 52.24% and 69.02% as against the general literacy level of 72.87 % as per 2011 census.

Odisha was the pioneer in setting of special type of Residential Educational Institutions for their educational development. The Department has established and manages the following Residential Educational Institutions :

Residential High Schools 164
Residential High Schools (exclusively for Girls) 173
Higher Secondary Schools 22
Eklavya Model Residential Schools 13
Ashram Schools 766
Residential Sevashrams 5
Sevashrams 505
Supply of Nationalised Text Books, Reading Writing materials and Garments
Excursion for students.
Health measures.
Provisions of School Uniforms
Special Coaching.
Agricultural Activities.
Drinking Water Facilities
Cash Rewards to Teachers and students
Inspection of Educational Institutions through the Inspecting wing, comprises of Circle Inspector of Schools, District Inspector of Schools, Sub Inspector of Schools.
Provisions of Cots, Beds, Blankets, Mosquito nets and Utensils.
Book Bank for Medical and Engineering Colleges.
Provisions of Sports and Games materials.
Provisions of Science apparatus, Library Books, Maps, Charts, Globes,
Stipend to I.T.Is students
Scholarships to SC,ST students of those parents engaged in unclean occupation.
List of forms Application form of new students Letter for sending govt. draft 
Renewal post matric scholarship Fresh post matric scholarship Distribution of post matric scholarship
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